A metaverse vision for integrating the Los Angeles Union Station neighborhoods

This proposal has combined conceptual ideas, original designs and existing implementations to address RailLA.org’s Call for Ideas. Our inspirations came from various disciplines in order to create a design for the High Speed Rail system. Our team’s goal is to integrate the Los Angeles Union Station with the neighborhoods surrounding its vicinity in order to re-envigorate the community and downtown area. We used a virtual world platform in order to implement our ideas in a manner wherein it can be communicated effectively. The result is the submitted ~4 minute machinima (i.e. a video filmed and produced entirely within the metaverse). 3D content were created as needed in the specific scenes presented. This work has been possible due to the diligence of Avatrian’s creative team of 3D modelers, graphic artists, digital film makers and project managers. We also sought out specific advise from professional city planners, style editors, audio engineers and urban design specialists. The work has been happily collaborative.

This post was submitted by Avatrian, LLC.

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3 Responses to A metaverse vision for integrating the Los Angeles Union Station neighborhoods

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  2. Piedras Chama says:

    Absolutely wonderful concept and amazing presentation made possible with 3D modeling in a 3D virtual world. I would love to see this concept further explored and researched. Are zero risk detachable pods possible ? I love it.

  3. annelise says:

    the idea of the removable pod is revolutionary and the way the concept was presented in a machinima made it almost come alive. maybe after LA, they can revitalize orlando next? :)

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