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The New High Speed Station Napoli Afragola is a bridge above the tracks. The key challenge of the architectural scheme is to create a well organized transport interchange that can simultaneously serve as a new landmark to announce the approach to Naples – thus a new gateway to the city. The concept of the bridge emerges from the idea of enlarging the overhead concourse, required to access the various platforms, to such a degree that it can become the main passenger concourse itself.

Providing an urbanized public link across the tracks, the task is to give expression to the imposition of a new through-station that can also act as the nucleus of a new proposed business park linking the various surrounding towns. The bridge concept further allows two strips of extended park-land to move openly through the site alongside the tracks opening and connecting the site to the surrounding landscape and business park.

The architectural language proposed, geared towards the articulation of movement, is pursued further within the interior of the building, where the trajectory of the travelers determines the geometry of the space.

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