railLA is a 501c3 non-profit corporation originally started as a collaboration between the Los Angeles Chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA|LA) and American Planning Association (APA).

railLA has quickly become a growing partnership of architects, city and regional planners, and engineers working with business and community leaders as one voice to guarantee that the promise of high-speed rail becomes a reality.

Our Mission

railLA is a coalition of experienced professionals, passionate citizens, and business leaders organized to ensure that the people of California benefit from the nation’s first viable high-speed train network. railLA will advocate, serve, and inform communities and other stakeholders impacted as fast trains become a reality and transform the way we work and live.

Our Vision

Long considered the capital of American car culture and suburban sprawl, Los Angeles is the ideal American city to illustrate the positive impacts that high-speed rail will have on reducing traffic and carbon emissions, and innovating new sustainable urban design. railLA seeks to create a paradigm shift away from the car as the icon of our mobility and replacing it with a multi-modal society with high-speed rail at the pinnacle of public transportation. It is much more than just a fast train ride from LA to San Francisco.

By creating a realistic picture of the opportunities that high-speed rail will create, railLA will leverage private sector and grassroots support to ensure timely and efficient implementation of a statewide high-speed rail infrastructure with Los Angeles’ Union Station as the hub.  The completion of this system will lead to the revitalization of communities throughout California and establish the state as a national example showcasing the benefits of the transition from the automobile to efficient and sustainable mass transit.

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