Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Committee

Includes working group leadership and committee chairs.

Representing railLA

The Executive Committee represents railLA to other organizations and stakeholder groups.

Working Group Meeting Reporting

All Executive Committee members will report to the full working group at their regularly scheduled meeting, including updates on their programs, outreach, budget, and other events.

railLA Website and Emails – A Portal for the World

The Executive Committee will all play a role in the maintenance of the website and blog, and generally encourage traffic to this website.

Maintain Media Contacts

The Executive Committee will coordinate the press list and update the publication contacts as necessary. railLA news items, event postings, and other press releases for the organization at-large shall be reported at each full working group meeting.


Representing railLA

The Chair represents railLA to other organizations and stakeholder groups – including our parent organizations, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Planning Association (APA). The Chair will act as the hub and oversee the outreach and communication of the Executive Committee. In addition to serving the full working group, the Chair can delegate his duties to other officers as needed.

Conflict Resolution

To expedite our mission, the Chair will have the final say on all points of conflict amongst the Executive Committee, Sub-Committees, and the full working group.

Meeting Oversight

The Chair will lead all working group meetings, as well as attend all other Sub-Committee meetings to ensure that they are staying on task and can appropriately meet the mission of railLA.

Working Group Coordination

The Chair is responsible for developing the agendas for full working group meetings and sending out a weekly email update to the entire working group (on the Monday prior to all meetings). The Chair will work with the Secretary on administering the website and blog, as well as coordinate and sign off on all external communications from the full working group and its Sub-Committees.

Vice Chair

Working Group Coordination

The Vice Chair will facilitate the duties of the Chair in his absence. Otherwise, the Vice Chair will assist the Chair with the facilitation of the mission.

Fostering Partnership

The Vice Chair will work to bring in new voices into the discussion. This includes the filling of new positions, the recruitment of affiliated organizations, and generally developing on-going partnerships with interested groups and individuals.


Outreach Coordinator

The Secretary will track the outreach efforts of the Executive Committee, Sub-Committee, and the full working group.

Meeting Coordination

The Secretary will set-up and confirm full working group meetings and on the day of the meeting, ensure the required resources are available, and manage the set-up of meeting packets.

Meeting History

The Secretary will take minutes during the Board meeting. The Secretary will also ensure these documents are posted to the website.

Custodian of Information

The Secretary will serve as the manager of all data into and out of railLA.


Financial Policy

The Treasurer is charged with recommending and enforcing the financial policies of railLA. Additionally, the Treasurer will lead all efforts in grant writing and fund raising as they pertain to the financial solvency of railLA.

Monthly Budget Reporting

The Treasurer will report to the full working group on the monies spent, allocated, and available.

Fostering Partnerships

The Treasurer will create, maintain, and expand a list of sponsors for the full working group. As such, the Treasurer will be the Co-Chair of the Marketing and Sponsorship Sub-Committee.

Subcommittee Chairs

Meeting Coordination

The Co-Chairs of the various Sub-Committee will set-up and confirm meeting locations at least one week in advance and on the day of the meeting; ensure the required resources are available; and manage the set-up of meeting packets. All Sub-Committee agendas must be submitted to the Secretary and Chair on the Sunday before a scheduled meeting.

Activity Reporting & Outreach

Sub-Committee Chairs are responsible for taking meeting minutes of their their meetings for review by the full working group. All Sub-Committee meeting minutes must be submitted to the Secretary and Chair on the Sunday after a scheduled meeting.

Committee Administration

Routine reporting on committee activities to the full working group. Ongoing budget status should be regularly reported to the Treasurer.

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