Pico House at Olvera Street

Workshop Overview

This workshop was attended by tourists who were visiting Olvera Street, the site of the original pueblo of Los Angeles and one of downtown L.A.’s treasured historic sites.  The tourists haled from local, regional and international cities including Venice, CA, Riverside County, Germany and Australia.  Many families with children participated in this workshop.  The ideas generated from this group tended to be boldly imaginative, because the children, youth, and general public were not constrained by a professional paradigm or technical knowledge.  The station designs proposed by this group were concerned with the quality of the individual and collective experience of the station.  The designs addressed how the station would feel and how it would be useful to one’s every day experiences.  Entertainment, restaurant and retail venues, plus plazas and fountains and inspiring architecture, where discussed as being integral to the experience of the station.