Call for Venues

Material gathered through the related Call for Ideas will be exhibited in an initial kick-off event and inspire the panel discussion and community design charrette. Through railLA, the AIA and APA, in a joint effort, are calling for additional Venues for a travelling exhibit after the initial event, to act as branches or satellite exhibits for the Exhibition presenting the Call for Ideas.


All donated work must be secured and protected such that it may be returned to railLA without damage of any kind.

No donated work may be copied, photographed, or reproduced in any way without the author’s consent in writing.

At least one meeting between railLA staff and the applicant will be necessary to curate the venue properly.  Applicants are expected to perform a majority of the curatorial duties, but railLA is more than happy to assist in whatever way is necessary to execute the best possible show.  This includes delivery of content and setup logistics.

All content and donated work must be returned upon request.