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October 2010

  • Molly Rovero (October 6). High Speed Rail in California’s Future. Posted to Luxeco Living.

August 2010

  • Jao, C. (August 20). Car-less and Loving It: City National Plaza Event Looks at Alternate Ways to Get Around Los Angeles. Posted to Downtown News.
  • Behrens, Z. (August 19). Designing LA with Toys & Other Abstract Objects at Last Night’s Car-Free Party. Posted to
  • Broverman, N. (August 18). Party Sans Cars Downtown, Hollywood Emerson Project is a Go. Posted to CurbedWire.
  • Robinson, C. (August 18). Architectural exhibit reimagines public transportation in LA. Posted to KPCC About Town.
  • William-Ross, L. (August 18). Pencil This In: Car Free Party, DWP Reform, Spy Movies, and a Concert in the Park. Posted to
  • Shen, M. (August 17). The BRU’s masked demonstrators stand up for bus riders. Posted to Brand X Daily.
  • Rosenberg, J. (August 13). City/Culture: Planning Not Just for Planners. Posted to Next American City.
  • Walker, A. (August 12). Seven Visions of a High-Speed Rail Future. Posted to GoDesign.
  • Sawano, A. (August 8). Think big about transportation. Posted to Daily News Los Angeles.
  • Schick, S. (August 6). railLA Inspires Angelenos to Ride the Rails. Posted to ecoLocalizer.
  • Rubin, C. (August 3). LA Beyond Cars: Now Playing, The Future. Posted to

July 2010

  • Aragon, G. (July 29). Design Workshop Drums Up Ideas for High-Speed Rail. Posted to Engineering News Report.
  • Lee, E. (July 29).  LA Beyond Cars: A Global Perspective on Rail and Public Space. Posted to Inhabitat.
  • Richardson, E. (July 16). Plan Rail Lines with James Rojas at Pico House. Posted to blogdowntown.

June 2010

  • Richardson, E. (June 18). Modeling Los Angeles’ Transit Future. Posted to blogdowntown.

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