We believe in the basic goodness of all human beings and our ability to discover our mind’s true potential. Mindworks is founded on three core values:

We Teach Genuine Methods: Many of us spend precious time meditating, so it’s important that we use trusted, genuine methods. It’s important to distinguish between simple mindfulness practice, which is beneficial but limited, and a complete path that includes awareness practice. Through the skillful integration of mindfulness and awareness meditation, we gain a direct understanding of how our minds work and can rewire reactions that arise from habitual negative emotions.

We Speak from Direct Experience:  Our courses are led by an international team of Mind Trainers who can provide insight into the practices and benefits of a well-trained mind because they’ve walked the talk. Not only have they spent a great deal of time on the cushion under the guidance of eminent meditation masters, they’ve also experienced the value of meditative mind training in practical life situations. Meditation becomes real when we can apply our practice to daily life – that’s when it is truly beneficial to ourselves and others.

Our Motivation: We’re a non-profit, and we’re here to help. A labor of love, Mindworks was created by five long-time meditators whose lives have been enriched and transformed by practice. Having benefited from training under some of the world’s most accomplished Buddhist meditation masters, our wish is to pay it forward by sharing the many joys of practice with others.

We’re an educational non-profit 501c3. All course and app fees go directly into content production, technology, Mind Trainer support and getting the word out. Genuine methods of working with the mind are among the greatest gifts one can receive in life. Thanks to your membership dollars, we can offer authentic meditation guidance to you and other members of our community worldwide.