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Spiritual Advisor: Don’t Walk Alone | What Is Spirituality?

In today’s world, the competition is at its peak, the chase after money is real, and thus more mental pressure and stress are common. Even new research reveals that people are experiencing more stress today than before. They also believe that changes in technology, family and relationship dynamics and economic hardship are some reasons for this. Thus people are looking for ways to manage stress through professional counselling along with exercise, nutrition, socializing, and holistic approaches like yoga and acupuncture.

But the best way to reduce stress and make life more peaceful is Spirituality, As a healthy spirituality gives you a sense of peace, wholeness, and balance among the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of your lives. 

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What Is Spirituality?

Spiritual Advisor

Spirituality is a large concept with room for plenty of views. In general, it consists of an experience of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it commonly involves a look for meaning in existence. As such, it’s far from a well-known human experience—something that touches us all. people may additionally describe a religious experience as sacred or transcendent or truly a deep experience of aliveness and interconnectedness.

What Is A Spiritual Advisor?

Since most of us are newbies in the world of spirituality, it’s necessary to take some advice from a person who is deeply connected with religion and peace and this is where a spiritual advisor comes into play. A spiritual advisor or we can say a spiritual consultant is someone deeply connected with their peace of thoughts and faith to the factor wherein they may be capable of helping you locate and comply with your secular path. Your religious advisor or consultant works with you directly that will help you guide your life in the secular path you desire to follow. In place of character coaches to help you in special factors of your existence, like a lifestyle coach or a marriage consultant, a spiritual advisor is an entity that will help you to continue your journey in the spiritual world.

A spiritual advisor can be your friend or it can be a paid consultant who helps guide you in your spiritual world. This person is dedicated to helping you become the best spiritual version of yourself. This is the reason there is no solid definition as to what a spiritual advisor is; he or she is the person you need them to be to find your spiritual direction.

But Why Do You Need Them?

Well, let us take a scenario, where you are a person who loves cricket and aspired to be a cricketer. You can initially start by learning some basic skills and practicing them by playing with kids near you and soon you will be learning more skills on your own by watching and reading books. But there will be times when you will be stuck or face difficulties and these are the times when you will feel the need for a coach or an expert that can guide you or help you to overcome these difficulties. But whom did you choose your coach? Well, You need not go and approach world no.1 to help you. You can start with a local expert to gain experience and advice. 

Similarly in the spiritual journey, every person gets stuck and the solution is also very specific to that particular individual. But to find that solution you will be needing some advice and others experience this is when you will need a spiritual advisor as an advisor must have probably done that and he might be able better guide you on the pitfalls so you can avoid. He/she also may encourage you to be consistent in your practice.

When you will meet a good spiritual adviser and seak consultancy, you will get to know the benefits of the path you are trying to move, not only ‘enlightenment and awareness’ but you will learn how to create a spiritual/physical alignment that can bring abundance and peace to your physical life. You can learn how to let the power of your ‘spiritual body’ energize your physical outcomes.

What To Expect?

Count On Silence: The main motive of spirituality is to listen to, aid, and encourage you, which means you absolutely need to let things out of yourself. Thus you need to talk more and expect less talking from your spiritual advisor. An experienced consultant may be clever enough to realize while to be silent and give you area. perhaps you’ll be prepared to fill that silence, perhaps you won’t be. however, count on to encounter silence.

Count On Being Uncomfortable: A boom isn’t relaxed, or clean, bringing a change in your life is a task of conflict, but the give-up result is well worth it.

Spiritual Advisor: Don’t Walk Alone:

Many people say that “One who dares to walk on the spiritual path has to become alone.” This aloneness will help you, this aloneness will make you understand the importance of “aloneness.”

Well, that’s not really the case as It’s a personal preference. You’re awakened and you ascend and align with your soul. Whatever life you want, go create it. you manifest all the time and you don’t stop manifesting it’s always ON and there is no OFF SWITCH! Whatever life you choose will not matter, the soul doesn’t care about the 3D world at all, it’s indifferent to it. If you want to be alone and play metaphysics you can do that, if you want to be rich you can do that, if you want a normal life hang out with friends you can do that, you do whatever you want! You can have a love life with romance and duality or not. You can have a non-romantic life if that’s what you want. All of it is just preference.

Finding A Spiritual Advisor:

Finding and consulting with a spiritual advisor is a challenging task since there are no certifications or governing bodies that can hold spiritual advisors accountable. But it really does not matter as it is not necessary that a person needs a degree from a fancy divinity school to be a spiritual advisor. What they need to have realized on a personal level are the things they are talking about with the other person. I think it’s actually dangerous to have an advisor who reads a lot but has not experienced a lot.

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